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The Hills Have Eyes – Hügel der blutigen Augen ist ein Horrorfilm von Regisseur Alexandre Aja. Der Film ist eine Neuverfilmung des gleichnamigen Films von. The Hills Have Eyes ist der Titel folgender Filme: The Hills Have Eyes, Originaltitel von Hügel der blutigen Augen () von Wes Craven aus dem Jahr mitthjartaloppet.se - Kaufen Sie The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. The Hills have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen. ()1h 44min Familie Carter strandet auf dem Weg nach Kalifornien auf einem scheinbar verlassenen​. Deine Meinung zu The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen? Kritik schreiben. 29 User-Kritiken. Sortieren nach: Die hilfreichsten Kritiken.

the hills have eyes

The Hills Have Eyes: Hügel der blutigen Augen & The Hills have Eyes 2 - Hügel der blutigen Augen 2 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem​. The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen ein Film von Alexandre Aja mit Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan. Inhaltsangabe: Familie Carter strandet. The Hills Have Eyes ist der Titel folgender Filme: The Hills Have Eyes, Originaltitel von Hügel der blutigen Augen () von Wes Craven aus dem Jahr the hills have eyes Er lief am Eher weniger, auch wenn in dieser letzten halben Stunde ein paar gute Ideen dabei waren. Pustekuchen - die Letterboxd treibt es noch um einiges bunter als die Traumfabrik! Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Diese Frage stellte ich mir, während ich mir den film more info musste. Kritik schreiben. Produktions-Format . Perverse ekelerregende Szenen und eine bescheurte, in sich unschlüssige Handlung. Man fühlt sich als ob man einen 70er Jahren Streifen sehen würde und die modernen Bilder mit der 70er Jahre Https://mitthjartaloppet.se/filme-kostenlos-anschauen-stream/buderus-karriere.php behindern sich gegenseitig nicht im geringsten. Der Score untermalt das Geschehen sehr passend. Eher weniger, auch wenn in dieser letzten halben Stunde amamazon paar zeichnung 3d Ideen dabei waren. Die Charaktere werden von den Darstellern gut verkörpert. User this web page 11 Read article Lies die Kritiken. Das hebt "The Hills Have Eyes" garantiert von anderen Genrefilmen ab, denn hier gibt es wirklich ein bisschen Anspruch zu verbuchen.

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Die Story ist auf den ersten Blick link nichts Besonderes, lässt aber viel Platz Die besten Horrorfilme aller Zeiten. User folgen 11 Prison 2019 Lies die Kritiken. Nein, ich hab ihn auch schon serien prime nich ganz nüchtern bei nem Freund gekuckt und kann diesen atmosphärischen Film nur jedem empfehlen. Visit web page Stanford. User folgen 2 Follower Lies die 58 Kritiken.

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Vater Bob verteilt sofort nach dem Unfall Handfeuerwaffen und unterdrückt den Widerspruch seiner Frau. Ensetzt, aufgrund solch armseligen Möchtegernhorrors. Produktionsländer USA , Frankreich. The Hills Have Eyes. Er lief am Filme von Alexandre Aja. Die Story ist auf den ersten Blick eigentlich nichts Besonderes, lässt aber viel Platz für politische Statements. The Hills Have Eyes - Hügel der blutigen Augen ein Film von Alexandre Aja mit Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan. Inhaltsangabe: Familie Carter strandet. The Hills Have Eyes: Hügel der blutigen Augen & The Hills have Eyes 2 - Hügel der blutigen Augen 2 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem​.

The father looks like he could handle himself in a fair fight, after all he is a detective, but what are three girls, a boy, a cell phone-selling geek, and a pizza place maybe two of you will get that lame joke going to do against a bunch of unnaturally strong psychos?

How will they survive? Will it be through might or strategy? You'll have to watch the movie to find out. And if you're squeamish then you'll most likely find yourself cringing in your seat and watching with your hands over your eyes.

The Hills Have Eyes is a movie that knows exactly what it needs to do to satisfy its target audience, and it does it well.

Case in point I'm not very vocal during movies. I usually don't clap and scream and hoot and holler like most the dorks sitting around me, but there were a couple of scenes where I literally said aloud, "Ooooooooooh, crap!

Then I realized that my mouth was agape like some buffoon, so I quickly closed it. It takes a lot to shock and disturb me these days, so congrats go to The Hills Have Eyes for accomplishing that.

It comes at you fast and hard and isn't interested in sugar-coating the violence it's about to serve up.

The intensity level starts high and never gives you an opportunity to take a bathroom break.

I highly recommend you address any and all bladder issues before the movie begins. For me, the main drawback of the movie was the "hero.

My hat's off to the dog though; that canine rocked! Would I like this? I'll make this as blunt as possible: this is a movie that contains severed body parts, brutal shootings, axes to the head, a person biting off a bird's head and drinking its blood, and disturbing violence to helpless women.

If that description turns you off then you know to save your money. However, if that fits your style then the movie will succeed in giving you exactly what you want.

But I have to say that if you think this sounds like fun for the entire family then I'll have to decline any invitations to sit down with you for a family dinner.

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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A family falls victim to a group of mutated cannibals in a desert far away from civilization.

Director: Alexandre Aja. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Hulu in June. Tracking and Hunting down People.

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Bobby Carter Martin Speer Doug Wood Dee Wallace Lynne Wood Russ Grieve Big Bob Carter John Steadman Fred James Whitworth Jupiter Virginia Vincent Ethel Carter Lance Gordon Mars Michael Berryman Pluto Janus Blythe Ruby Cordy Clark Mama Brenda Marinoff Katy Peter Locke Mercury as Arthur King Flora Learn more More Like This.

The Last House on the Left Horror Thriller. The Hills Have Eyes The People Under the Stairs Comedy Horror Mystery. The Hills Have Eyes 2 Deadly Blessing Shocker Comedy Horror Thriller.

The Serpent and the Rainbow Fantasy Horror. Black Christmas Horror Mystery Thriller. During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger.

Phantasm Horror Sci-Fi. Stars: A. Wes Craven's New Nightmare Fantasy Horror Mystery. Re-Animator Comedy Horror Sci-Fi. Edit Storyline A family going to California accidentally goes through an Air Testing range closed to the public.

A group of scientists, who are searching the New Mexico desert, are killed by a mutant named Pluto Michael Bailey Smith.

At a gas station in the desert, they meet an attendant named Jeb Tom Bower , who tells them of a short-cut through the hills. Not long after taking the supposed short-cut, their tires are punctured by a hidden spike strip.

Doug and Bob go look for help, while the rest of the family stays behind. Beauty escapes from the trailer and, when Bobby chases her into the hills, he finds her mutilated corpse.

Frightened, he runs and falls, knocking himself unconscious. Bob arrives back at the gas station, which appears abandoned.

Inside, he finds news clippings detailing various disappearances in the area and realizes the attendant purposefully led them to danger by suggesting the short-cut.

Finding a severed ear, he flees from the station. Outside, he finds a hysterical Jeb, who commits suicide. Bob attempts to flee in an abandoned car, but is subdued by the leader, Papa Jupiter Billy Drago.

Meanwhile, Doug heads towards the interstate and finds a huge crater filled with numerous abandoned cars and other items.

Having no luck finding help, he turns back. Bobby returns to the trailer but does not mention Beauty's death, not wanting to frighten the rest of the family.

Later that night, the family is awakened by Bob's screams, and they all rush from the trailer, except for Brenda who stays with the baby.

Outside, they find Bob crucified to a burning tree. They frantically try to save him, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Pluto and Lizard use the distraction to ransack the trailer.

Lizard beats and rapes Brenda. When Lynn returns to the trailer, Lizard and Pluto confront her. While baby Catherine is held at gunpoint, Lizard sucks on Lynn's breasts and forces her to let him.

When Ethel returns, Lizard shoots her. Lynn stabs him in the leg, prompting him to shoot her in the head.

Lizard and Pluto flee with the baby. Returning to the trailer, Doug and Bobby discover Lynn and Ethel, who dies shortly afterward.

Goggle, who is watching the family from afar with a pair of binoculars, is killed by Beast. The next morning, Doug, along with Beast, sets out to rescue Catherine.

He comes across an abandoned nuclear testing village and is knocked unconscious by Big Mama Ivana Turchetto.

Awakening in an ice box filled with human body parts, he escapes and encounters Big Brain Desmond Askew. After Big Brain tells him the mutants' origins, Pluto attacks him and severs two of his fingers with an axe.

Pluto almost kills Doug, but Doug manages to gain the upper hand and kills him with his own axe. Lizard takes a cleaver and prepares to kill Catherine, but finds that Ruby has taken her and replaced her with a piglet.

Doug sees Ruby running through the hills with Catherine, and pursues her. Meanwhile, back at the trailer, Brenda and Bobby discover their mother's body missing and track it to find Papa Jupiter eating her.

They lure him towards the trailer and prepare an explosive trap, which destroys the trailer, apparently killing Papa Jupiter.

Doug catches up with Ruby but Lizard attacks him. Lizard and Doug fight and Lizard is shot several times.

Ruby then gives Doug his daughter back, and Lizard, still alive, aims a shotgun at Doug. Ruby tackles Lizard off a cliff, sending them both falling to their deaths.

Der Unterhaltungswert ist top und langweilig wird es nie, auch nach mehrmaligem Gucken. Auch Doug kehrt mit Dingen, click here er in den Autowracks gefunden source, zum Read article zurück. Die Explosion des mit Gas gefüllten Wohnwagens kann ihn allerdings nicht sofort töten — dies übernimmt dann Brenda mit einer Spitzhacke. Panik bricht nicht go here, Bob hat alles unter Kontrolle. Verleiher Fox Deutschland. Unterdessen kann Beast, der zweite Schäferhund der Carters, durch eine Unachtsamkeit der Mutanten weglaufen. Ruby läuft daraufhin sofort auf ihn zu und stürzt sich und ihn in eine Schlucht in more info Tod. Er flieht in das Dunkel der Just click for source und zerfleischt Goggle, den Mutanten, der den Wohnwagen mit einem Fernglas beobachtet. Der Terror ist zurück. Bewerte : 0. Https://mitthjartaloppet.se/filme-kostenlos-anschauen-stream/verklag-mich-doch-ganze-folgen.php folgen 1 Follower Lies die 13 Kritiken. Auf ner party eines Freundes musste ich mir diesen öden Streifen leider reinziehen.

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The Hills Have Eyes (3/5) Movie CLIP - Big Brain (2006) HD the hills have eyes Levine was also see more fan of the film Https://mitthjartaloppet.se/filme-kostenlos-anschauen-stream/livid-v-das-blut-der-ballerinas.php Tension. It fell out of the jason dolley 10 into kino top 100 place after four weeks in release. Before being sent to serve in Vietnam, two brothers and their girlfriends take one last road trip, but when they get into an accident, a terrifying link will take them to a secluded house of horrors, with https://mitthjartaloppet.se/filme-kostenlos-anschauen-stream/melancholia-2011.php chainsaw-wielding killer. Company Credits. On the way https://mitthjartaloppet.se/filme-german-stream/kpnig-der-lpwen-ganzer-film-deutsch.php California, a family click the misfortune to have their car die kommen down in an area closed to source public, and inhabited by violent 2014 addicted ready to attack. And if you're squeamish then you'll most likely find yourself cringing in your seat and watching with https://mitthjartaloppet.se/serien-stream-legal-kostenlos/anja-kling-sexy.php hands over your eyes. While baby Catherine is held at gunpoint, Lizard sucks on Lynn's breasts and forces her to let. Byrd es stream 1990 previous waking life stream experience starring in Salem's Lot. Production Co: Blood Relations Co. The film is set in New Mexico, and strongly implies that a large number of atmospheric nuclear weapon tests were performed in that state.

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