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Jodie Whittaker. Bigger and bolder than ever, this season marks the arrival of Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth. Doctor Who (nach der titelgebenden Frage [engl.] „Doktor wer?“) ist eine britische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die seit von der BBC produziert wird. New Earth ist die Episode der Serie Doctor Who und lief als 1. Folge der Staffel bzw. der. In: The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, hg. von Mark Bould et al., London/New York , Hills, Matt: Doctor Who. In: Fifty Key Television​.

new doctor who

BBC New Series Adventures ist eine Buchreihe, die seit bei BBC Books erscheint. In: The Routledge Companion to Science Fiction, hg. von Mark Bould et al., London/New York , Hills, Matt: Doctor Who. In: Fifty Key Television​. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Doctor Who - New Year Special: Tödlicher Fund«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen!

New Doctor Who - Weitere Serientitel zu Doctor Who

Frühere Begleiter. Seit Staffel 3 ist Luise Charlotte Brings für das Dialogbuch und die Dialogregie verantwortlich, wobei Christian Schneider in den Staffeln 3 bis 7 ebenfalls diese Tätigkeiten abdeckte und Klaus Terhoeven bei einigen Episoden der siebten Staffel das Dialogbuch schrieb. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

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Doctor Who Specials Disc 2 - 26 The New Doctor new doctor who BBC New Series Adventures ist eine Buchreihe, die seit bei BBC Books erscheint. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Doctor Who - New Year Special: Tödlicher Fund«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Adventures With Netflix: Doctor Who Series 4 (Part One). I missed the Day of the Doctor due to the Just Because book launch. As such I. Jodie Whittaker speaks onstage at the DOCTOR WHO panel during New English actor Tom Baker in his role as the fourth incarnation of Doctor Who in the. Diese neue Erweiterung bietet große Bilder, die mit jeder neuen Registerkarte, und wurde gemacht für alle fans von Doctor Who.

In another dimension, a terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition. Intelligence agents are under attack from alien forces.

MI6 turns to the only people who can help: The Doctor and…. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must have BBC America as part of your cable package.

Follow BBC America. Sign in. Killing Eve 12 Full Episodes. Quiz 3 Full Episodes. Orphan Black 51 Full Episodes.

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Archived from the original on 8 April And can we expect the return of Captain Jack Harkness? Well, while a lot of series 13 remains under wraps, a few key details have been revealed already.

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At time of writing Doctor Who filming is still planned for the autumn, though this could change depending on the nature of restrictions going forward.

Prior to that, though, Chibnall revealed that we can expect a one-off special, expected to air in late There will be exterminations. Thrills, laughter, tears.

You know. The usual. See you at the end of the year. All we really know about the special at the moment is that the Daleks will be back alongside Whittaker and companions Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, with Nick Briggs returning to provide the voice of the Daleks.

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new doctor who Sie gehörte zu einer aus vier Teilen bestehenden Geschichte. Als nur zwei Wochen später die Serie link der letzten Folge von Survival am 6. Peter Pratt. Louis Friedemann Thiele. Paul Finch.

These amateur reconstructions have been tolerated by the BBC, provided they are not sold for profit and are distributed as low-quality copies.

One of the most sought-after lost episodes is part four of the last William Hartnell serial, The Tenth Planet , which ends with the First Doctor transforming into the Second.

The BBC, in conjunction with animation studio Cosgrove Hall , reconstructed the missing episodes 1 and 4 of The Invasion , using remastered audio tracks and the comprehensive stage notes for the original filming, for the serial's DVD release in November The missing episodes of The Reign of Terror were animated by animation company Theta-Sigma, in collaboration with Big Finish , and became available for purchase in May through Amazon.

In April , Blue Peter launched a challenge to find missing Doctor Who episodes with the promise of a full-scale Dalek model as a reward.

On 10 October , the BBC announced that films of eleven episodes, including nine missing episodes, had been found in a Nigerian television relay station in Jos.

Episode 3 of The Web of Fear is still missing. The Doctor was initially shrouded in mystery. In the programme's early days, the character was an eccentric alien traveller of great intelligence who battled injustice while exploring time and space in an unreliable time machine , the " TARDIS " an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension in Space , which notably appears much larger on the inside than on the outside a quality referred to as "dimensional transcendentality".

The initially irascible and slightly sinister Doctor quickly mellowed into a more compassionate figure and was eventually revealed to be a Time Lord , whose race are from the planet Gallifrey , which the Doctor fled by stealing the TARDIS.

Producers introduced the concept of regeneration to permit the recasting of the main character. This was prompted by the poor health of the original star, William Hartnell.

The term "regeneration" was not conceived until the Doctor's third on-screen regeneration; Hartnell's Doctor merely described undergoing a "renewal", and the Second Doctor underwent a "change of appearance".

The serials The Deadly Assassin and Mawdryn Undead established that a Time Lord can only regenerate 12 times, for a total of 13 incarnations.

This line became stuck in the public consciousness despite not often being repeated, and was recognised by producers of the show as a plot obstacle for when the show finally had to regenerate the Doctor a thirteenth time.

Although the idea of casting a woman as the Doctor had been suggested by the show's writers several times, including by Newman in and Davies in , until , all official depictions were played by men.

Whittaker had previously starred in television series such as Return to Cranford , Broadchurch alongside David Tennant Tenth Doctor and the dystopian anthology Black Mirror.

In addition to those actors who have headlined the series, others have portrayed versions of the Doctor in guest roles.

Notably, in , John Hurt guest-starred as a hitherto unknown incarnation of the Doctor known as the War Doctor in the run-up to the show's 50th anniversary special " The Day of the Doctor ".

On rare occasions, other actors have stood in for the lead. For more information, see the list of actors who have played the Doctor.

In other media, the Doctor has been played by various other actors, including Peter Cushing in two films. The casting of a new Doctor has often inspired debate and speculation.

Common topics of focus include the Doctor's gender prior to the casting of Whittaker, all official incarnations were male , race all Doctors were white prior to the casting of Jo Martin in " Fugitive of the Judoon " and age the youngest actor to be cast is Smith at 26, and the oldest are Capaldi and Hartnell, both There have been instances of actors returning at later dates to reprise the role of their specific Doctor.

For this episode, Richard Hurndall replaced William Hartnell. In " The Name of the Doctor " , the Eleventh Doctor meets a previously unseen incarnation of himself, subsequently revealed to be the War Doctor.

Throughout the programme's long history, there have been revelations about the Doctor that have raised additional questions.

In The Brain of Morbius , it was hinted that the First Doctor might not have been the first incarnation although the other faces depicted might have been incarnations of the Time Lord Morbius.

In subsequent stories the First Doctor was depicted as the earliest incarnation of the Doctor. In Mawdryn Undead , the Fifth Doctor explicitly confirmed that he was then currently in his fifth incarnation.

So there are five of me now. In the episode "The Time of the Doctor," the Eleventh Doctor clarified he was the product of the twelfth regeneration, due to a previous incarnation which he chose not to count and one other aborted regeneration.

The name Eleventh is still used for this incarnation; the same episode depicts the prophesied "Fall of the Eleventh" which had been trailed throughout the series.

While the Doctor was figure and was early on described as from the planet Gallifrey , as first mentioned in The Time Warrior , these origins were retconned in The Timeless Children , and the Doctor was shown as from another unknown dimension or universe.

In the same story, it was revealed that First Doctor was not actually the earliest incarnation of the Doctor. During the Seventh Doctor's era, it was hinted that the Doctor was more than just an ordinary Time Lord.

In the television film , the Eighth Doctor describes himself as being "half human". In the serial, Tomb of the Cybermen , when Victoria Waterfield doubts the Doctor can remember his family because of, "being so ancient", the Doctor says that he can when he really wants to—"The rest of the time they sleep in my mind".

The series reveals that the Ninth Doctor thought he was the last surviving Time Lord, and that his home planet had been destroyed; in " The Empty Child " , Dr.

Constantine states that, "Before the war even began, I was a father and a grandfather. Now I am neither.

In " The Wedding of River Song " , it is implied that the Doctor's true name is a secret that must never be revealed; this is explored further in " The Name of the Doctor " , when River Song speaking his name allows the Great Intelligence to enter his tomb, and in "The Time of the Doctor" where speaking his true name becomes the signal by which the Time Lords would know they can safely return to the universe.

One of the roles of the companion is to be a reminder for the Doctor's "moral duty". These characters were intended to act as audience surrogates , through which the audience would discover information about the Doctor who was to act as a mysterious father figure.

Dramatically, these characters provide a figure with whom the audience can identify, and serve to further the story by requesting exposition from the Doctor and manufacturing peril for the Doctor to resolve.

Some have died during the course of the series. Companions are usually human, or humanoid aliens. Since the revival, the Doctor generally travels with a primary female companion, who occupies a larger narrative role.

Steven Moffat described the companion as the main character of the show, as the story begins anew with each companion and she undergoes more change than the Doctor.

The tenth series introduced Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts , [] the Doctor's first openly gay companion. Some companions have gone on to re-appear, either in the main series or in spin-offs.

The character of Jack Harkness also served to launch a spin-off, Torchwood , — in which Martha Jones also appeared.

With the show's revival, executive producer Russell T Davies stated his intention to reintroduce classic icons of Doctor Who.

Davies' successor, Steven Moffat, has continued the trend by reviving the Silurians in series 5, Cybermats in series 6, the Great Intelligence and the Ice Warriors in Series 7, and Zygons in the 50th Anniversary Special.

Besides infrequent appearances by enemies such as the Ice Warriors, Ogrons , the Rani , and Black Guardian , three adversaries have become particularly iconic: the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Master.

The Dalek race, which first appeared in the show's second serial in , [] are Doctor Who ' s oldest villains. The Daleks are Kaleds from the planet Skaro , mutated by the scientist Davros and housed in mechanical armour shells for mobility.

The actual creatures resemble octopuses with large, pronounced brains. Their armour shells have a single eye-stalk, a sink-plunger-like device that serves the purpose of a hand, and a directed-energy weapon.

Their main weakness is their eyestalk; attacks upon them using various weapons can blind a Dalek, making it go mad. Their chief role in the series plot, as they frequently remark in their instantly recognisable metallic voices, is to "exterminate" all non-Dalek beings.

They continue to be a recurring 'monster' within the Doctor Who franchise, their most recent appearance being the episodes " Resolution ".

Davros has also been a recurring figure since his debut in Genesis of the Daleks , although played by several different actors.

A Dalek appeared on a postage stamp celebrating British popular culture in , photographed by Lord Snowdon.

In " Victory of the Daleks " a new set of Daleks were introduced that come in a range of colours; the colour denoting its role within the species.

Cybermen were originally a wholly organic species of humanoids originating on Earth's twin planet Mondas that began to implant more and more artificial parts into their bodies.

This led to the race becoming coldly logical and calculating cyborgs , with emotions usually only shown when naked aggression was called for.

With the demise of Mondas, they acquired Telos as their new home planet. They continue to be a recurring 'monster' within the Doctor Who franchise.

The series introduced a totally new variation of Cybermen. These Cybus Cybermen were created in a parallel universe by the mad inventor John Lumic; he was attempting to preserve the humans by transplanting their brains into powerful metal bodies, sending them orders using a mobile phone network and inhibiting their emotions with an electronic chip.

The Master is the Doctor's archenemy , a renegade Time Lord who desires to rule the universe. Conceived as " Professor Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes ", [] the character first appeared in As with the Doctor, the role has been portrayed by several actors, since the Master is a Time Lord as well and able to regenerate; the first of these actors was Roger Delgado , who continued in the role until his death in Following the series revival in , Derek Jacobi provided the character's re-introduction in the episode " Utopia ".

During that story, the role was then assumed by John Simm who returned to the role multiple times through the Tenth Doctor 's tenure. This incarnation is played by Michelle Gomez.

John Simm returned in his role as the Master in the tenth series. The Doctor Who theme music was one of the first electronic music signature tunes for television, and after more than a half century remains one of the most easily recognised.

The Derbyshire arrangement served, with minor edits, as the theme tune up to the end of season 17 — It is regarded as a significant and innovative piece of electronic music, recorded well before the availability of commercial synthesisers or multitrack mixers.

Each note was individually created by cutting, splicing, speeding up and slowing down segments of analogue tape containing recordings of a single plucked string, white noise , and the simple harmonic waveforms of test-tone oscillators , intended for calibrating equipment and rooms, not creating music.

New techniques were invented to allow mixing of the music, as this was before the era of multitrack tape machines. On hearing the finished result, Grainer asked, "Jeez, Delia, did I write that?

A different arrangement was recorded by Peter Howell for season 18 , which was in turn replaced by Dominic Glynn 's arrangement for the season-long serial The Trial of a Time Lord in season 23 Keff McCulloch provided the new arrangement for the Seventh Doctor 's era which lasted from season 24 until the series' suspension in For the return of the series in , Murray Gold provided a new arrangement which featured samples from the original with further elements added; in the Christmas episode " The Christmas Invasion ".

A new arrangement of the theme, once again by Gold, was introduced in the Christmas special episode, " Voyage of the Damned "; Gold returned as composer for the series.

A revised version of Gold's arrangement had its debut over the opening titles of the Christmas special " The Snowmen ", and a further revision of the arrangement was made for the 50th Anniversary special " The Day of the Doctor " in November Versions of the "Doctor Who Theme" have also been released as pop music over the years.

Both the theme and obsessive fans were satirised on The Chaser's War on Everything. The theme tune has also appeared on many compilation CDs, and has made its way into mobile-phone ringtones.

Fans have also produced and distributed their own remixes of the theme. In January the Mankind version was released as a digital download on the album Gallifrey And Beyond.

On 26 June , producer Chris Chibnall announced that the musical score for series 11 would be provided by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumnus Segun Akinola.

Most of the innovative incidental music for Doctor Who has been specially commissioned from freelance composers, although in the early years some episodes also used stock music , as well as occasional excerpts from original recordings or cover versions of songs by popular music acts such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

Since its return, the series has featured occasional use of excerpts of pop music from the s to the s.

The most frequent musical contributor during the first 15 years was Dudley Simpson , who is also well known for his theme and incidental music for Blake's 7 , and for his haunting theme music and score for the original s version of The Tomorrow People.

In starting with the serial The Leisure Hive the task of creating incidental music was assigned to the Radiophonic Workshop.

A concert featuring the orchestra performing music from the first two series took place on 19 November to raise money for Children in Need.

David Tennant hosted the event, introducing the different sections of the concert. Murray Gold and Russell T Davies answered questions during the interval and Daleks and Cybermen appeared whilst music from their stories was played.

The BBC Philharmonic and the London Philharmonic Choir performed Murray Gold's compositions for the series, conducted by Ben Foster, as well as a selection of classics based on the theme of space and time.

The event was presented by Freema Agyeman and guest-presented by various other stars of the show with numerous monsters participating in the proceedings.

On 26 June , producer Chris Chibnall announced that the musical score for the eleventh series would be provided by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumnus Segun Akinola.

Six soundtrack releases have been released since The first featured tracks from the first two series, [] the second and third featured music from the third and fourth series respectively.

The fourth was released on 4 October as a two disc special edition and contained music from the — specials The Next Doctor to " End of Time Part 2 ".

In , a 50th-anniversary boxed set of audio CDs was released featuring music and sound effects from Doctor Who's year history. The company pressed 1, copies of the set on "Metallic Silver" vinyl, dubbed the "Cyberman Edition".

Premiering the day after the assassination of John F. Kennedy , the first episode of Doctor Who was repeated with the second episode the following week.

Doctor Who has always appeared initially on the BBC's mainstream BBC One channel, where it is regarded as a family show, drawing audiences of many millions of viewers; episodes were also repeated on BBC Three , before its transition to an online-only channel.

The programme's popularity has waxed and waned over the decades, with three notable periods of high ratings. Its late s performance of three to five million viewers was seen as poor at the time and was, according to the BBC Board of Control, a leading cause of the programme's suspension.

Some fans considered this disingenuous, since the programme was scheduled against the soap opera Coronation Street , the most popular show at the time.

The BBC One broadcast of " Rose ", the first episode of the revival, drew an average audience of Doctor Who has been broadcast internationally outside of the United Kingdom since , a year after the show first aired.

The scope of the broadcast was a world record, according to Guinness World Records. Only four episodes have ever had their premiere showings on channels other than BBC One.

The story Silver Nemesis was broadcast with all three episodes airing back to back on TVNZ in New Zealand in November, after the first episode had been shown in the UK but before the final two instalments had aired there.

New Zealand was the first country outside the United Kingdom to screen Doctor Who , beginning in September , and continued to screen the series for many years, including the new series from In Australia , the show has had a strong fan base since its inception, having been exclusively first run by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC since January See Doctor Who in Australia The ABC has periodically repeated episodes; of note were the weekly screenings of all available classic episodes starting in , for the show's 40th anniversary, and the weekdaily screenings of all available revived episodes in for the show's 50th anniversary.

The series also has a fan base in the United States, where it was shown in syndication from the s to the s, particularly on PBS stations. TVOntario picked up the show in beginning with The Three Doctors and aired each series several years late through to series 24 in From to , TVO airings were bookended by science-fiction writer Judith Merril who introduced the episode and then, after the episode concluded, tried to place it in an educational context in keeping with TVO's status as an educational channel.

Its airing of The Talons of Weng-Chiang was cancelled as a result of accusations that the story was racist ; the story was later broadcast in the s on cable station YTV.

CBC began showing the series again in The series moved to the Canadian cable channel Space in Eight original series serials have been released on Laserdisc [] and many have also been released on Betamax tape and Video Only the series from onwards are also available on Blu-ray , except for the story Spearhead from Space , released in July and the TV film Doctor Who released in September Over episodes of the classic series the first 8 Doctors, from to are available to stream on BritBox launched in and Pluto TV.

There are two Dr. Who [ sic ] feature films: Dr. Both are retellings of existing television stories specifically, the first two Dalek serials, The Daleks and The Dalek Invasion of Earth respectively with a larger budget and alterations to the series concept.

In these films, Peter Cushing plays a human scientist [] named "Dr. Who", who travels with his granddaughter, niece and other companions in a time machine he has invented.

The Cushing version of the character reappears in both comic strips and a short story, the latter attempting to reconcile the film continuity with that of the series.

In addition, several planned films were proposed, including a sequel, The Chase , loosely based on the original series story , for the Cushing Doctor, plus many attempted television movie and big screen productions to revive the original Doctor Who , after the original series was cancelled.

Paul McGann starred in the only television film as the eighth incarnation of the Doctor. After the film, he continued the role in audio books and was confirmed as the eighth incarnation through flashback footage and a mini episode in the revival, effectively linking the two series and the television movie.

In , David Yates announced that he had started work with the BBC on a Doctor Who film, a project that would take three or more years to complete.

Yates indicated that the film would take a different approach to Doctor Who , [] although then Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat stated later that any such film would not be a reboot of the series and a film should be made by the BBC team and star the current TV Doctor.

Doctor Who has appeared on stage numerous times. For two performances, while Pertwee was ill, David Banks better known for playing Cybermen played the Doctor.

Other original plays have been staged as amateur productions, with other actors playing the Doctor, while Terry Nation wrote The Curse of the Daleks , a stage play mounted in the late s, but without the Doctor.

A pilot episode " A Girl's Best Friend " for a potential spinoff series, K-9 and Company , was aired in with Elisabeth Sladen reprising her role as companion Sarah Jane Smith and John Leeson as the voice of K9 , but was not picked up as a regular series.

Concept art for an animated Doctor Who series was produced by animation company Nelvana in the s, but the series was not produced.

Following the success of the series produced by Russell T Davies, the BBC commissioned Davies to produce a part spin-off series titled Torchwood an anagram of "Doctor Who" , set in modern-day Cardiff and investigating alien activities and crime.

A second series of Torchwood aired in ; for three episodes, the cast was joined by Freema Agyeman reprising her Doctor Who role of Martha Jones.

A third series was broadcast from 6 to 10 July , and consisted of a single five-part story called Children of Earth which was set largely in London.

The series was predominantly set in the United States, though Wales remained part of the show's setting.

A third in featured a crossover appearance from the main show by David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. In , a further such appearance featured Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor alongside former companion actress Katy Manning reprising her role as Jo Grant.

The serial featured the voices of series regulars David Tennant and Freema Agyeman but is not considered part of the series.

Numerous other spin-off series have been created not by the BBC but by the respective owners of the characters and concepts.

Such spin-offs include the novel and audio drama series Faction Paradox , Iris Wildthyme and Bernice Summerfield ; as well as the made-for-video series P.

There have been three aftershow series created, with the latest one titled Doctor Who: The Fan Show , which began airing from the tenth series.

Each series follows behind-the-scenes footage on the making of Doctor Who through clips and interviews with the cast, production crew and other people, including those who have participated in the television series in some manner.

Each episode deals with a different topic, and in most cases refers to the Doctor Who episode that preceded it. In , coinciding with the series' 20th anniversary, The Five Doctors was shown as part of the annual BBC Children in Need Appeal, however it was not a charity-based production, simply scheduled within the line-up of Friday 25 November This was the programme's very first co-production with Australian broadcaster ABC.

Featuring three of the first five Doctors, a new actor to replace the deceased William Hartnell, and unused footage to represent Tom Baker.

In , for the franchise's 30th anniversary, another charity special, titled Dimensions in Time was produced for Children in Need, featuring all of the surviving actors who played the Doctor and a number of previous companions.

It also featured a crossover with the soap opera EastEnders , the action taking place in the latter's Albert Square location and around Greenwich.

The special was one of several special 3D programmes the BBC produced at the time, using a 3D system that made use of the Pulfrich effect requiring glasses with one darkened lens; the picture would look normal to those viewers who watched without the glasses.

An affectionate parody of the television series, it was split into four segments, mimicking the traditional serial format, complete with cliffhangers , and running down the same corridor several times when being chased the version released on video was split into only two episodes.

During the special the Doctor is forced to regenerate several times, with his subsequent incarnations played by, in order, Richard E.

The script was written by Steven Moffat , later to be head writer and executive producer to the revived series. Since the return of Doctor Who in , the franchise has produced two original "mini-episodes" to support Children in Need.

The first, aired in November , was an untitled seven-minute scene which introduced David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

A set of two mini-episodes, titled "Space" and "Time" respectively, were produced to support Comic Relief.

They were aired during the Comic Relief event. Children in Need featured the mini-episode " The Great Detective ". The Doctor in his fourth incarnation has been represented on several episodes of The Simpsons [] and Matt Groening 's other animated series Futurama.

Davies , the character of Vince was portrayed as an avid Doctor Who fan, with references appearing many times throughout in the form of clips from the programme.

In a similar manner, the character of Oliver on Coupling created and written by current show runner Steven Moffat is portrayed as a Doctor Who collector and enthusiast.

It has also be referenced in Destroy All Humans! Doctor Who has been a reference in several political cartoons, from a cartoon in the Daily Mail depicting Charles de Gaulle as a Dalek [] to a edition of This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow in which the Tenth Doctor informs an incredulous character from that the Democratic Party will nominate an African-American as its presidential candidate.

There have been various exhibitions of Doctor Who in the United Kingdom, including the now closed exhibitions at:. Since its beginnings, Doctor Who has generated hundreds of products related to the show, from toys and games to collectible picture cards and postage stamps.

These include board games, card games, gamebooks, computer games, roleplaying games, action figures and a pinball game.

Many games have been released that feature the Daleks, including Dalek computer games. The earliest Doctor Who -related audio release was a minute narrated abridgement of the First Doctor television story The Chase released in The first commercially available audiobook was an abridged reading of the Fourth Doctor story State of Decay in In , during a hiatus in the television show, Slipback , the first radio drama, was transmitted.

Along with the main range, adventures of the First, Second and Third Doctors have been produced in both limited cast and full cast formats, as well as audiobooks.

The series Destiny of the Doctor , produced as part of the series' 50th Anniversary celebrations, marked the first time Big Finish created stories in this case audiobooks featuring the Doctors from the revived show.

Along with this, in May the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, appeared alongside Catherine Tate in a collection of three audio adventures.

In addition to these main lines, both the BBC and Big Finish have produced original audio dramas and audiobooks based on spin-off material, such as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures series.

Doctor Who books have been published from the mid-sixties through to the present day. From to the books published were primarily novelised adaptations of broadcast episodes; beginning in an extensive line of original fiction was launched, the Virgin New Adventures and Virgin Missing Adventures.

Since the relaunch of the programme in , a new range of novels have been published by BBC Books. Numerous non-fiction books about the series, including guidebooks and critical studies, have also been published, and a dedicated Doctor Who Magazine with newsstand circulation has been published regularly since This is published by Panini, as is the Doctor Who Adventures magazine for younger fans.

Numerous Doctor Who video games have been created from the mids through to the present day. It has been constantly updated since its release and features all of the Doctors as playable characters as well as over companions.

The game and pack released in November Since the creation of the Doctor Who character by BBC Television in the early s, a myriad of stories have been published about Doctor Who , in different media: apart from the actual television episodes that continue to be produced by the BBC, there have also been novels, comics, short stories, audio books, radio plays, interactive video games, game books, webcasts, DVD extras, and stage performances.

The BBC takes no position on the canonicity of any of such stories, and producers of the show have expressed distaste for the idea of canonicity.

The show has received recognition as one of Britain's finest television programmes, winning the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series and five consecutive — awards at the National Television Awards during Russell T Davies ' tenure as executive producer.

In , the Peabody Awards honoured Doctor Who with an Institutional Peabody "for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe.

The revived series has received recognition from critics and the public, across various awards ceremonies. Doctor Who has been nominated for over awards and has won over a hundred of them.

As a British series, the majority of its nominations and awards have been for national competitions such as the BAFTAs, but it has occasionally received nominations in mainstream American awards, most notably a nomination for "Favorite Sci-Fi Show" in the People's Choice Awards and the series has been nominated multiple times in the Spike Scream Awards , with Smith winning Best Science Fiction Actor in The Canadian Constellation Awards have also recognised the series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the television series. For other uses, see Doctor Who disambiguation.

British science fiction TV series. Sydney Newman C. Webber Donald Wilson. Ron Grainer. BBC One —pres.

Mono —87 Stereo — 5. Main article: History of Doctor Who. We had to rely on the story because there was little we could do with the effects.

Star Wars in a way was the turning point. Once Star Wars had happened, Doctor Who effectively was out of date from that moment on really, judged by that level of technological expertise.

Main article: Doctor Who missing episodes. See also: List of Doctor Who cast members. Main article: The Doctor Doctor Who.

Main article: Regeneration Doctor Who. See also: The Doctor: Inconsistencies. Main article: Companion Doctor Who.

Main article: Dalek. Main article: Cyberman. Main article: The Master Doctor Who. See also: List of Doctor Who composers.

Main article: Doctor Who theme music. Doctor Who theme excerpt. An excerpt from the original classic theme music to Doctor Who.

Main article: List of music featured on Doctor Who. See also: List of Doctor Who music releases.

Main article: Doctor Who fandom. There is some dispute, for instance, about whether to count Season 23's The Trial of a Time Lord as one or as four serials, [4] and whether the unfinished serial Shada should be included.

The revival is a continuation of the original series. The new series is formatted to a widescreen display ratio, and a standard episode length of 45 minutes.

For the first time since the — season each episode has an individual title, and only a number of stories span more than one episode.

The show also returned to its traditional Saturday evening slot. The series constitutes a loose story arc, dealing with the consequences of the Time War and the mysterious Bad Wolf.

The Tenth Doctor was portrayed by David Tennant , who was cast before the first series aired. The back-story for the spin-off series Torchwood is "seeded" in various episodes in the series.

Each episode also has an accompanying online Tardisode. This series introduces Martha Jones and deals with the Face of Boe 's final message, the mysterious Mr.

Saxon , and the Doctor dealing with the loss of Rose Tyler. This series explores the coincidences binding the Doctor and Donna together.

There is also the loose story arc of the planets disappearing and bees also disappearing. The specials focus on the "four knocks" and the death of the Tenth Doctor.

From "Planet of the Dead", episodes were filmed in HD. The Eleventh Doctor was portrayed by Matt Smith.

Steven Moffat took over as showrunner from the fifth series. The series centres on River Song's relation to the Doctor, and the Doctor's "death".

The original transmission of series 6 was split into two parts, with the first seven episodes airing April to June and the final six from late August to October Series 7 started with five episodes and a Christmas Special in late , followed by eight episodes in The series dealt with the exit of the Ponds, the Great Intelligence and the mystery of Clara Oswald , the impossible girl.

The specials focus on various incarnations of the Doctor, including the reveal of the War Doctor and his actions during the Time War.

The Twelfth Doctor was portrayed by Peter Capaldi. For Series 8—10, the episode count was reduced from thirteen to twelve. This series dealt with the mystery identity of the character "Missy" The first female incarnation of "The Master" and the mystery around "The Promised Land".

The Thirteenth Doctor is portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. For Series 11, the episode count was reduced from twelve to ten.

The Thirteenth Doctor initially searches for her lost TARDIS, inadvertently bringing her companions with her on her travels, who contemplate returning to their lives but decide to continue travelling.

The series also deals with grief. This series deals with a new incarnation of the Master , the return of Jack Harkness , the appearance of an unknown incarnation of the Doctor who existed at some point before the Time War , and the "lone Cyberman ", while following the destruction of Gallifrey and the secret of the Timeless Child.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. This article is about the episodes starting from For the — episodes and film, see List of Doctor Who episodes — The Second Doctor featured for the remainder of the season from the third serial, The Power of the Daleks.

The story was later completed and officially released on home media in The voices of the original actors with new animation was incorporated to bridge the gaps between the recorded live-action segments.

It is not included in the episode or story counts as it was not broadcast. Main article: Doctor Who series 1. Main article: Doctor Who series 2.

Main article: Doctor Who series 3. Main article: Doctor Who series 4. Main article: Doctor Who — specials. Main article: Doctor Who series 5.

Main article: Doctor Who series 6. Main article: Doctor Who series 7. Main article: Doctor Who specials.

Main article: Doctor Who series 8. Main article: Doctor Who series 9. Main article: Doctor Who series Doctor Who portal BBC portal. Retrieved 15 December Immediate Media Company.

Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 27 October Doctor Who: The Discontinuity Guide. Fingers crossed. Towards the end of the series 12 finale there was also a hint that the Master may have escaped another certain death.

But could this be a hint from Chibnall that Jack will appear in the Doctor Who festive special? We have very big, ambitious plans for our third series together.

Other revelations in the finale episode The Timeless Children — that the Doctor was a being from another dimension who was harvested by the Time Lords for regeneration , and subsequently lived countless lifetimes that were later removed from her mind — are likely to be picked up in series 13 itself.

What could happen in the next series and who will return? When is Doctor Who season 13 on TV? Tuesday, 17th March at am. Sign in.

Sign me up! View this post on Instagram. Related news. Doctor Who BBC is "a very long way" from wanting to rest sci-fi series.

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Doctor Who Specials Disc 2 - 26 The New Doctor Go here gesendet. Es war bis in die er-Jahre üblich, Bänder nur einige Jahre aufzubewahren; danach wurden sie wiederverwendet und überspielt. The Horror of Howling Hill. More info Mann. Simon Messingham. Neben Dekor und Please click for source wurden auch die Bücher der Serie bemängelt. Gregor Höppner. Serien und Filme im Doctor-Who - Universum. Michael Schwarzmaier. Raquel Cassidy.

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